aicon yachts history

Heritage: the Aicon Yachts history

The Aicon Yachts history : since 1993, the shipyard has realized the dream of many boat owners who want tailor made, exclusive and amazing very high quality yachts.
 For Aicon Yachts, that took its first steps in Sicily, always working in close contact with the world of luxury, the tailor made is a philosophy that started from afar and has become tradition.

From the ’90s to today, Aicon Yachts has never betrayed the distinctive soul and passion of Made in Italy, which have enabled the shipyard to excel in Europe and in the world, as evidenced by the Aicon 56, presented in 2001 and awarded at the 2002 Cannes Yachting Festival.
This success was chased again and sealed in 2005, with the Aicon 64 Fly, awarded at the World Yacht Trophyes.

Both yachts were elected Best Boat in The Flybridge Sector, for revolutionizing the yacht market from 50 to 70 feet.
In particular, the Aicon 64 Fly has managed to define the style of Aicon Yachts, introducing innovative interiors, large windows and portholes that have made it possible to navigate without ever losing contact with the sea.

In the Aicon Yachts history the Aicon 72 is the boat with which the shipyard approaches the superyachts sector, with the firm will to pursue and tell the world the spirit of tailor-made as well as the creativity developed step by step with the customer and the pursuit of perfection , which has become a real tradition.

In 2006, a new flagship came to life and powerfully entered the superyachts segment: it was the Aicon 85 Fly. This 27-meter yacht sets new standards of design and functionality, conquering the public and achieving an important sales success.

New ownership values

Marc Udo Broich Aicon Yachts historyThe Aicon Yachts history has made a leap forward in 2018, when Marc-Udo Broich, with his 20-year experience in the nautical sector, and John Venners, his business partner, took over Aicon Yachts.

The two passionate investors, ready to give new life to the great tradition, are firmly determined to write new and exciting pages of history for the shipyard, protecting the identity and tradition that have made it a global leader with more than 500 boats sailing in the world.

“Having been in this business for the past 20 years, it has become obvious to me that our segment (50’ to 85’) has become more and more like the automotive industry: mass production, limited customization, distribution/sales/service networks that resemble the local car dealer.

And unfortunately managed and designed by individuals who have no direct passion for the open blue waters. I believe that while this business model works for smaller boats sold below a million dollars, there exists a need to fulfill yachtsmen’s desire to build high end custom yachts to fit their specific needs and high standards. We refer to it as the AICON YACHTS BOUTIQUE approach.”

“Now, Aicon Yachts history turn to the future and support the launches a new range of extraordinary yachts designed by Sergio Cutolo, one of the most prestigious yacht designers of our days.”

Marc-Udo Broich-CEO of Aicon Yachts