Aicon Yachts range

The new line of yachts that will reach up to 110 feet has been inaugurated by the new Aicon 66 which, inspired by the famous Aicon 64 Fly and in continuity with the bespoke spirit that has guided the shipyard to date, collects and relaunches the values that have made Aicon Yachts famous all over the world.

The new Aicon Yachts models are conceived as an integrated and coherent organism where internal and external environments are in perfect balance with each other. Following a continuity of elements that enriches the spaces, they features rigorous design, fluid shapes, and extreme comfort standards.

Aicon yachts give you the opportunity to live a Complete Yachting Experience and welcome the owner on board whenever he really wants to feel at home.

Designed and Built by true Yachtsmen for the passioned Yachtsmen Family!

Aicon 66 Aicon Yachts

Aicon 66 - Aicon Yachts

The new Aicon 66 arises from the pencil of Sergio Cutolo. The yacht features a unique and particular design.

Unveiled at 2020 Miami International Boat Show, the new Aicon Yachts model was designed to meet the tastes of the most demanding customers.

Like a tailor-made suit for special occasions, the new Aicon 66 makes customization her main strength.

Aicon 85 - Aicon Yachts

Aicon 85 - Aicon Yachts

This yacht is the highest expression of Aicon personality. With a length of 26.5 meters, it offers four luxury guest cabins and two crew cabins.
With a top speed of 27 knots, the Aicon 85 guarantees an unparalleled sailing comfort. Characterized by a 27-degree deadrise, the hull is specially designed for long-range pleasant cruising experience.

Aicon 72 - Aicon Yachts

Aicon 72 - Aicon Yachts

A sporty and elegant look distinguishes this 23-meter yacht which, thanks to a revolutionary hull, is able to reach a maximum speed of almost 40 knots.
Available in versions with three or four cabins, the Aicon 72 Open is perfectly at ease both when sailing at high speed and when attracting everyone’s eyes in the port.