Aicon Yachts

Aicon Yachts reborn in grand style while maintaining its Italian heart. The new shipyard is located in Sicily, a 10,000 square meters structure capable of hosting all the necessary equipment to continue its successful path which, from the 90s to today, has led Aicon Yachts to excel in Europe and into the world, as demonstrated by Aicon 56, model presented in 2001 and awarded in 2002 at Cannes Yachting Festival, and Aicon 64 Fly, which in 2005 was awarded the World Yacht Trophyes.

Both yachts were elected best yachts in the Flybridge sector with the merit of having revolutionized the yacht market from 50 to 70 feet. In particular, Aicon 64 Fly has managed to define the style of Aicon Yachts, introducing innovative interiors, large windows and portholes that have allowed you to navigate without ever losing contact with the sea.

Aicon Yachts

Today the raise of Aicon Yachts relies on a highly prestigious American team. After acquiring the brand, Marc-Udo Broich, historical importer of Italian yachts in the United States, and John P. Venners, American investor with a great passion for boating, have restored the splendor of the shipyard to build yachts increasingly in alignment with requests and customer needs. The launch of the new yacht range started in the United States, in a market that has always been synonymous with the incredible success of Aicon Yachts. I’s not a coincidence that over one hundred of the over five hundred boats built by the shipyard sail in the waters of the two Americas.

Aicon Yachts Sergio Cutolo

The new line of yachts that will reach 110 feet was inaugurated by the new Aicon 66 which, inspired by the famous Aicon 64 Fly and respecting the custom-made spirit that has guided the shipyard to date, collects and relaunches the values ​​that have made the Aicon Yachts famous all over the world. The new models are conceived as an integrated and coherent organism in which the internal and external environments are in perfect balance with each other. Following a continuity of elements that enriches the spaces, they present a rigorous design, fluid shapes and extreme comfort standards.

The first new model is the Aicon 66, a revolutionary flybridge bearing the signature of the famous designer Sergio Cutolo. But another important name was selected by the shipyard for the great revival: Giuseppina Arena, which took care of the interior design. Aicon Yachts therefore relies on another great Italian pencil, with a long experience in the US market, with the aim of creating a model capable of conquering at first sight all lovers of superyachts.

Unveiled at 2020 Miami International Boat Show, the new Aicon 66 model was designed to meet the tastes of the most demanding customers, like a tailor-made suit for special occasions, makes customization her main strength.

Aicon Yachts

The new Aicon 66 is the emblem of this production philosophy, whose key elements are innovation and in-house production, without having to resort to external processes. The new Aicon yachts are therefore cutting-edge but preserve the historic excellent performance and seaworthiness that have made Aicon yachts famous all around the world.

” With the new Aicon 66 we are introducing a custom-made product philosophy: when a boat owner decides to spend a significant amount of money, he must be able to choose“, said Marc-Udo Broich, Cha

irman of Aicon Yachts, the historic Italian shipyard that has written a piece of boating history with its high-end yachts.

“Sailing conditions, especially in the States, are often harsh, so we decided to make the boat much drier – said designer Sergio Cutolo –  It’s a functional and aesthetic choice that winks at the market of American fisherman, as is the choice of equipping the 66 with wider surfaces on the main deck, both in the side-decks and in the bow section.